Our operations system includes the Control of Inventory by counting the Clean, Rewashed and the Discarded Linen individually.

The operations consist of:

  1. Linen counted and inventoried
  2. Loads sorted and separated by category.
  3. Separated loads washed with specifically designed formulas.
  4. Linens meticulously ironed and folded.
  5. Folded linens carefully bagged and tagged.
  6. Linen weighed.
  7. Rewashed and Discarded Linen separated, bagged, and inventoried.
  8. Prompt delivery is one of our many goals.

We have a variety of high end linen for Restaurants and Kitchen needs. Tablecloths, napkins, service napkins, kitchen towels. If you use items not listed consult with us Send us your request to

The Top Ten Reasons
Your Hotel should Outsource Laundry Service To Mr Clean Linen

  1. We will provide guaranteed savings in overall cost. (labor, benefits, chemicals)
  2. We will provide 24 hour turnaround of all hotel owned textiles.
  3. We will deliver your clean merchandise within one hour of the mutually agreed time.
  4. We will operate

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    the plant seven days a week, 365 days a year.

  5. We have a proven track record of high quality, reliable, and cost effective service to hotels in Miami and the South Beach area.
  6. We are locally owned by a woman and operated by a former hotel executive with extensive experience in laundry and hotel operations.
  7. We have a linen management program to assure cost effective control of hotel owned textiles.
  8. We provide service exclusively to the Hotel industry!
  9. Billing is done weekly with all weights indicated clearly
  10. We offer consulting for Par stocks and replacement recommendations