Miami Commercial Laundry was founded in 1999 having some customers located in the heart of South Beach. Years later, in order to satisfy our customer’s demand we built a bigger physical plant. Our operations since 1999 have increased by 800%. We are equipped with modern laundry machinery resulting in a high level washing system.

We have a MISSION
Miami Commercial Laundry Delivers a Reliable, Premium-Quality, Worry-Free Laundry Service, Helping and Contributing to our Customer’s Expansion

Because we know how important the Human Resource is, we offer you to be part of the enthusiastic MCL(Miami Commercial Laundry)team.

Send your resume to mrcleanlinen@comcast.net.
We offer you a professional environment.

The aim of our Organization is to serve our Customers. We show our care about their needs by offering specialized services based on their requirements. Having them fully trust is our Slogan. Making them feel that their Laundry issue should not be a problem. On the contrary, we handle all aspects of it. Our Customers are completely satisfied with our service. They feel confident and worries free.